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Successful fun day at the Quarry Pool highlights the great facilities we have

January 25th, 2016

On Sunday 24th Jan, the Quarry Forum held a successful fun day at the pool to raise awareness and support for keeping the pool in the town centre and our use it or lose it message. There was live music, free aqua zumba sessions, face painting, crafts as well as representatives from the scuba club and Shrewsbury Masters.

A big thank you to everyone involved and for the support everyone gave us. You can read more about it in this Shropshire Star article.

If you visit the centre this week you'll see the collage that children made.

Part of the aim of this event was to challenge the belief that the facilities were “run-down”, or that a decision had already been made to move the pool to another location. Bernard Wills, chairman of the Quarry Forum, said the following:

“I think people have heard a lot of the bad press and as one person said to me, ‘the decision has already been made, it is going to go somewhere else’.

“We want to make people aware what is actually here and what is being offered – and that is fantastic facilities in a great town centre setting.

“If it moves we will lose swimming pools, facilities like diving boards, there will be no flumes. We want to show them what they have. If you look around all four of the pools here are being used.

“It is just trying to reinforce to people that even if you’re not a swimmer, if these facilities go they will not be replaced with anything like it.”

Another aspect we're keen to get across is the importance of the pool being in the town centre and the secondary spending that comes with it - our research has shown that many people who visit the centre go on to visit shops, cafes and pubs in town, many of which are small independents. If the pool was moved out of town a lot of this could be lost.