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Council budget and management options

February 17th, 2016

With the catastrophic financial news from Shropshire Council and no budget for leisure facilities including the Quarry Centre from 2017, the Forum asked the Shropshire Council Cabinet:
"What other management and cost reduction options have been looked at including community involvement ?"

They told us they have been "exploring all management options and operational models of leisure facilities... it has been Shropshire Council's objective to transfer the management and operation of centres to other operators and community organisations over the past 4/5 years"

We are not convinced that this has been their policy - we suggested more community involvement two years ago - but hope it will be in the future.

We are now waiting for an answer to our question on what will happen to the long contracts with Shropshire Leisure Community Trust and Serco if they close these centres down. Will keep you posted....