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Decision on pool location due 13th July

June 14th, 2016

Shropshire Council have now said that they will make a decision on Wednesday 13th July on the location - despite the fact that:

  1. They have asked the Forum and the Business Improvement District to put together a feasibility study and business plan for the Quarry site to be ready in September
    So why make a decision in July?

  2. There is no strategic plan or a Vision document for the town.
    What about knock on effects to the town centre cafes, businesses, etc? They should be promoting the town centre not moving everything out of it.

  3. Consultants are still being paid by Shropshire Council to analyse the Council's consultation.
    We estimate the costs of all the consultants, reports, staff time, etc. is to be around the £100K mark, and is still rising. This is money that could be much better spent.

  4. 68% of the town want it to stay in the Centre
    This figure is taken from Shropshire Council survey -- which they seem intent on ignoring.

What would the town centre look like without any leisure facilities ?

How much will this decision be driven by Serco, a commercial, for profit organisation with no interest in Shrewsbury?

Please lobby your councillor! Please spread the word.

And watch this space!