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Council Cabinet Vote: Supporters wanted on 13th July at Shirehall at 12pm

November 30th, -0001

The Shropshire Council Cabinet meeting is taking place at 12:30pm on Wednesday 13th July. At this meeting SC will present their report on the future of swimming in Shrewsbury and will vote on their favoured option which we anticipate will be to relocate the pool to Sundorne. This will have less capacity (2 pools instead of 4), less parking (they will build the new pool on the existing car park) and far less accessible to the people of Shrewsbury AND it goes against the 68% of the public who said they want the pool kept in the town centre.

In order to show the Cabinet the feeling of the people of Shrewsbury please come along to Shirehall on the 13th for approx. 12pm. The cabinet meeting is open to members of the public.

Remember that the decisions are being made by a majority of Councillors who don't live in Shrewsbury (the main stakeholder comes from Shifnal) and so have no real interest in the prosperity of our town - to them it is mostly about money.

Though we probably won't be able to sway the vote, just the show of force and press coverage will hopefully show that the people of Shrewsbury won't take these decisions lying down. And, as has been covered in the press lately, SC have given 12 months for groups such as the Town Council, BID and us, the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Forum, to come up with a business plan for keeping a pool in the town centre, so it begs the question why are SC making a decision now on the location of the pool?

Thank you for your continued support and we'll hopefully see you at Shirehall on the 13th at 12pm.