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Council recommending move to Sundorne

July 7th, 2016

It comes as no surprise that the Council is formally putting forward the recommendation to move the pool to Shrewsbury Sports Village at Sundorne. You can read their paper, which will go before the Council's Cabinet, here.

This is despite 68% of the public wishing it to stay in the Quarry, and hundreds of people taking part in our marches through town to show the Council the support it has. Though the Council say they may give 12 months opportunity for stakeholders to present a case to keep it at the Quarry, this seems a little crazy if they've already made their decision.

The next stage is for it to be voted at in the Cabinet meeting on 13th July at 12:30 at the Shirehall.

Please, if you can spare an hour of your day, come to Shirehall before that meeting so we can go into the public gallery and show the Council officers that we think they are on the verge of making a decision they will later regret.

Bernard Wills, chairman of the Quarry Forum, which has been campaigning to keep the pool at the Quarry said: "We are very disappointed but not surprised because all the indications ever since they started the process were that it was always going to be based at Sundorne.

"We will continue to fight to keep it at the Quarry and to come up with an alternative plan but if it is moved and relocated then we will continue to press for appropriate facilities and one that meets peoples needs.

"The Quarry pool does not meet today's demand and the recommended pool is a third smaller."