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Two options proposed - single or split sites

February 6th, 2020

A new report has been published by Shropshire Council, in association with Sports England, that proposes a number of options for swimming in Shrewsbury

The report identifies four possible options, with the latter two going forward for consideration by the council cabinet.

1. Do nothing

2. Re-develop like-for-like

3. Re-develop The Quarry Site to include a 25m competition pool, as well as a leisure pool and the wider range of provision to support health wellbeing and fitness.

4. Re-develop the Quarry Site to Provide a town centre pool facility, health, wellbeing and leisure destination and develop a new competition pool
at the Sports Village

With the first two being discounted, that leaves us with either a two-pool single-site facility in the Quarry, or a split-site offering with a small pool in the Quarry and a competition pool at the sport village up in Sundorne.

We, at the Quarry Forum, are considering our response to this report. Our focus is on providing a good swimming, leisure and community facility in the town centre so we will be pressing the council to achieve the best outcome and value for money for residents of Shrewsbury, recongising that 82% of respondents of a previous consultation wanted to keep the facilities in the town centre.