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Here we go again! New Sundorne pool proposals.

January 16th, 2024

Following a prolonged closure of the main pool, a ~£400K referb of the pool and changing areas (which now are a LOT better - go and take a look if you haven't already), it only took only a matter of weeks before Shropshire Council announced they want to move the pool to the Sports Village in Sundorne (and, reading between the lines, close the Quarry Pool site down and probably sell the land off).

With little notice, the new proposals go to cabinet on the 17th Jan where they look to approve moving on to the next phase of a "public consultation" period and more detailed costings.

Read the agenda item here (Shropshire Council website).

In this same meeting they are discussing the "Shrewsbury Moves" plans which looks to promote the economic and health benefits of the town centre by having less cars, more pedestrian and cycle friendly... and an easy-to-accesss leisure facility? Oh no, let's move that out of the centre so most people have to DRIVE to it!

It is madness. In surveys we have conducted in the past, more that 67% of those questioned want the swimming pool to be kept in the town centre. There's ample parking within 5 minute walk, you can go for a walk in the park or visit a cafe or the shops in town after.

We are lucky with the facilities we have now - many clubs use them such as Sub Aqua, Canoe club, and Masters, whilst still having the water capacity for public swimming at the same time.

Please help us by supporting keeping swimming facilities in the town centre!