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Pool Closure

Latest Update: The pool is now back open!

The Quarry pool was closed because a glass panel near the pool shattered and it's possible that fragments of glass may have entered the pool. Interestingly this is first time in the pools history that it's had to close for a reason like this.

Draining the pool had to be done slowly, around 6 inches a day, due to restrictions by Severn Trent. It was originally hoped to reopen early February but the oppertunity was taken to conduct further maintenance work around the pool and the ceiling. (Of course, if the QSFC had been properly maintained over the last few years, this extended closure probably would not be necessary!)

Latest Campaign Update

As you may have seen in the press lately, things are looking up for our campaign as the Council are looking again at this and appear to now favour keeping the pool in the Town Centre. We'll update this website with more info soon.

What's at Stake?

Loss of the swimming pool and fitness centre from the heart of Shrewsbury.

The majority of the people of Shrewsbury (68% according to the Council's survey) want the swimming pool to be kept at the heart of the Town Centre. Town businesses, the Town Council and other organisations are all in favour of this too. Until recently, Shropshire Council have their own ideas and and had simply ignored the public and businesses and instead proposed to move it out of town up to Sundorne. We all believe that would make it harder for the majority of people to get to and we simply did not believe the Council's figures and justification for that move. We pressed them hard to get a proper independent cost-benefit analysis done but kept hitting a brick wall.

However, thanks to this campaign, we managed to delay the Council's decision, get the Town Council and BID on board and have now finally got the Council to listen.

Who Are We?

This website is run by the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Forum. We are a group of users and supports of the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre, set up to campaign for keeping the swimming baths in the centre of town where it is most accessible. In addition to a lot of discussions with the Council and other groups we have also ran two very well supported protest marches through the town. Our campaign has also been covered by BBC Midlands, BBC Radio Shropshire, Shropshire Star amongst others. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

We need your help!

The Council are discussing the future plans for the QSFC on the 14th February 2018. This is a public meeting held at Shirehall at around 12pm so we want as many supporters to come along to show how strong we feel about keeping the pool in the centre. It is now looking as if the Council have come to their senses and may well propose keeping swimming provision in the Town Centre after all, and potentially redeveloping the QSFC site. This is all still tentative and until that meeting we won't know for sure. If you would like to help the please fill in our supporters form.

There are other ways you can help too - we still need you to write to your Shropshire councillor and our MP, write letters to the paper, put up posters, etc. The fight is not over yet!.

Do you...
  • Love the central location?
  • Want to keep a vibrant town centre with a successful leisure and community hub?
  • Want easy transport links to the centre?
  • Keep things like the flume, diving boards and relaxation suite?
If so, please make your views known and choose to keep the Quarry Pool in the town!